welcome to the wonderful but also strange and still unexplored world of THE SKOGS. even though being tall and graceful creatures (as some may say), they rest their mostly isolated lifes (in contrary to other species of that area) in the unfriendly depths of scandinavian forests. but: they`ve also been seen in the narrow landscapes of southern germany. it`s not easy to catch a glimpse or even a photo of these, because they are very shy and active at night. so shy that you wouldn`t find them on the discovery channel. sorry for that.

so there`s a load of patience and, of course a bunch of luck to watch them play their typical rock- and- roll- garage- f***the- police- bilingual- popadilly- anthems at night. bilingual? yes, believe your ears, this creatures do have more than one way to express themselves.. fascinating!

to get to the point: right here they created some space for you to explore together with them.. and let you understand..

the skogs are: jurgenson, who uses his rhythmsticks in a permanent staccato, thomasson, who is desperately in love with his bassguitar, mattais who is playing the guitar real hard and uses some of his refreshing vocals ( he`s addicted to fisherman`s friend vanilla, actually).. now use this homepage to learn how to cope with that.